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Our Results

At Hall and Karz in Canandaigua, NY, we’re committed to making sure your side is represented during trial. Whether you’re filing an appeal for social security or fighting for workers’ compensation, we’ll help you every step of the way by gathering necessary resources and documentation, preparing you for trial and answering any questions you have about your case.

Peter Rolph and Samuel Hall

Many of our cases have been successful in ensuring the client received the support and treatment they deserved, such as:

Highway Design Motor Vehicle Accident.

14-year-old passenger, life altering brain damage.

Action against State of New York for unsafe intersection.

Judgment $7,200,000

Construction Accident.

26-year-old male, reflux sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), fall from ladder

Action against owner/contractor for Labor Law violation.

Settlement $2,000,000

Motor Vehicle Accident

16-year-old female passenger, brain injury.

Action against driver and owner of motor vehicle. Operator lost control of vehicle.

Settlement $1,000,000

Motor Vehicle

47-year-old, neck and back surgery. Action against negligent driver

Settlement $850,000

Motor Vehicle Accident

15 year old boy, brain damage

Action against driver.

Settlement $1,800,000

Workplace Accident

Slip and fall on oil, required knee surgery

Action against property owner

Settlement $715,000

Products Liability

Faulty Gas Valve, property damage

Action against manufacture of gas heater for design defect and failure to warn.

Settlement $400,000

Constitutional Rights Violation

Unauthorized police intrusion into home.

Action against various municipal authorities for violation of constitutional and privacy rights.

Settlement $35,000

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